Teaching fractions begins with partitioning shapes into equal parts. We typically start with halves and fourths, and then move on to thirds, fifths, sixths, and so on. At this stage, students are also introduced to the concepts of numerators and denominators. This can be a bit confusing for them, as they are used to working with whole numbers. However, children are visual learners, and they learn best by seeing things. Therefore, it is important to use visuals when teaching fractions.

One of the most common visuals used to teach fractions is pizza. Students can easily relate the concept of a part of a whole to a pizza and its slices. This serves as a real-life example that helps students develop mental images of fraction models.

My favorite read aloud book on this topic is Gator Pie by Louise Mathews. Kids enjoy making predictions as the story is being read.

This is a cute story about two gators, Alvin and Alice, who find a pie and decide to share it equally with each other. Just as they are about to eat it, two more gators emerge from the forest. Then they must divide the pie among four of them. Then, more and more alligators arrive, and they must share the pie among 100 gators! Finally, Alvin and Alice sneak away with the pie.

This is a classic book and may be out of print now.  Check if this happens to be in your school or local library or you may get a used one here on Amazon.

My Fractions packet includes:

  1. Fractions Vocabulary Word Cards
  2. Equal and Unequal Parts cut and paste fraction activity
  3. Color the shapes with Equal and Unequal Parts
  4. Color the shapes with 2/3/4 Equal Parts
  5. Fractions: Worksheet on writing fraction
  6. Fractions: Halves, Thirds and Fourths
  7. Understanding Fractions: Halves
  8. Understanding Fractions: Thirds
  9. Understanding Fractions: Fourths
  10. Write the Fractions – Worksheet
  11. Fraction wall – cut and paste activity
  12. Fraction wall poster
  13. Spin and color the fractions activity
  14. 24 Fractions flash cards

You can grab this fractions resource from my store HERE.

Happy Teaching!


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